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The implementation of the project “The Development of Rural Area Information Technology Broadband Network RAIN” (RAIN-2) was started in December of 2009. Originally, it was planned to implement the project by March of 2013, however, following the decision to increase the volume of the project, in July of 2012, the deadline was extended.
The objective of the project - to create an electronic network infrastructure required for wholesale broadband services in Lithuanian rural areas beyond the reach of broadband services. The opportunities created by the project are already available to network operators and to provide services to end users: rural schools, libraries, local government, rural residents and businesses.
Results of the Project
Project RAIN-2 has already been completed. This project has expanded the project RAIN by 5775 kilometers, thus expanding the pre-existing infrastructure.  3422 hardware kits were used during the construction process. With the help of numerous technologies,  982 settlements are currently connected to the network, and other objectives have also been implemented successfully. The developed infrastructure has reached about 700 000 inhabitants, and mutually between RAIN and RAIN-2 - more than a million inhabitants. The cooperation with operators, about 2930 of which use RAIN network services, has also contributed to these numbers. When calculating the total of both RAIN projects, 51 communications operators provide services to their customers using RAIN infrastructure (3 and more operators provide their networking services to 92% of all municipalities using RAIN services, and more than 50% - 5 or more operators).
RAIN-2 project was candidate for the competition announced by the European Commission -  the broadband Internet Awards - and became one of the 5 winners. International experts evaluate this project as the best in the nomination for "Social and economic impact and availability". A total of 17 European countries participated in the project and a total of 48 projects were candidates for 5 nominations. More information is available here.
The project is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and its value is over 60 million Euros.
The project is implemented by partners:
  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Public institution “Plačiajuostis internetas”