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The Project “Rural Area Information Technology Broadband Network RAIN" was implemented through 2005 - 2008.
The objective of the project - to provide broadband access for all rural public sector administration institutions.
In order to achieve this objective, tasks were set out to provide broadband data transmission services for the following:
  • no less than 80% of the rural educational institutions envisaged under the Lithuanian Education Strategy;
  • no less than 75% of all Lithuanian rural township public administrative authorities, creating a secure data transmission network;
  • at least 75% of Lithuanian rural health care institutions foreseen in the project of “e-health” strategy;
  • no less than 75% of public Internet access points set up by local authorities;
 The above-mentioned tasks were completed by implementing the following measures:
  • broadband lines in rural administrative centers, where there was no broadband access, were connected;
  • the terminal nodes of broadband lines were installed in rural administrative centers;
  • broadband access to the Internet for all rural authorities, residents and businesses was ensured.
Results of the project
The project created 3357 kilometers of broadband infrastructure that liked 467 rural elderships with the municipalities of the country. Around 330 educational institutions were also connected to this infrastructure. The fiber-optic infrastructure developed during the project reached settlements with a population of over 300 000 residents.
The project is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund, its value - about 74 million. Lt.
The project was implemented by partners:
  • The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Institute of Mathematics and Informatics;
  • Public institution “Plačiajuostis internetas”.