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On 2020 June 3rd the Development guidelines 2020-2025 for the fifth-generation mobile communication (5G) of the Republic of Lithuania were approved. To ensure even, economically justified, and efficient development of 5G connection, it is envisaged that the implementation of 5G connection in Lithuania must be started in 2021, and developed throughout the state, starting with the largest cities and strategic objects of the state.

Until 2025 high-speed mobile connections are expected to cover key land transport corridors and urban areas. The aim is that the 5G connection should be developed first (commercial 5G connection services have been launched):
• until 2022 in at least one of the five largest cities of the Republic of Lithuania in terms of population - Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai or Panevėžys;
• until 2023 in the five largest cities by the population of the Republic of Lithuania;
• until 2025 in urban areas, on international land transport corridors ("Via Baltica", "Rail Baltica") and other motorways and national trunk lines, airports and seaports.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania provided funding and instructed the PI " Placiajuostis Internetas" to prepare an investment project "Development of 5G communication in international transport corridors ("Via Baltica", "Rail Baltica") ".
We would like to inform you that the preparation of the public procurement of the investment project " Development of 5G communication in international transport corridors ("Via Baltica", "Rail Baltica") " has been announced, potential bidders are invited to actively participate.
The PI " Placiajuostis Internetas" formed a working group to ensure constant communication and cooperation during the preparation of the investment project. The order is available here.
Public consultations are planned during the implementation of the project preparation. We invite all interested parties to take an active interest and participate in the implementation of this project.