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Fiber optics

Network access using fiber-optic cables provides a highly reliable and high-speed access. This service is mostly used by operators of communication services, cable television, Internet service providers, business centers, companies or institutions which have remote branches. Fiber-optic networks ensure a high information throughput, reliability and security.
Public institution “Plačiajuostis internetas” provides the following fiber optic network services:
  • Network access using a single-mode fiber-optic cable
  • Network access using a multi-mode fiber-optic cable
The services are provided in accordance to the “point-to-point” principle i.e. the service is provided between the two service points.
According to the 23 of July, 2014, European Union (EU) General Affairs Council decision, since the 1 of January, 2015, Lithuania becomes a member of the eurozone, where the single European currency - the Euro - is used. The official and irrevocable conversion exchange rate between the Euro and Litas is - 3.45280 Litas to 1 Euro.
Standard technical parameters of the service:

No. Parameter Value
Definition of service: Fiber-optic cable connection service between the RAIN network ODF panel connections or couplings
Service Network access using a fiber-optic cable;
Availability of the Services No less than 99,9 %
Fiber-optic cable type Single-mode
Fiber-optic cable parameters ITU G.652 D
The number of fiber-optic fibers 1 / 2 pc.
Access Connections in ODF panels Single-mode SC (duplex), 2nd Edition meets the ISO 11801 OS1 standard requirements according to IEC 874-14
The polishing type of fiber-optic connectors
UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)
Insertion loss
In the cable <= 0.4 dB / km (at a wavelength of 1310 nm - 1625 nm);
<= 0.25 dB / km (at a wavelength of 1550 nm)
Within the ODF panel joints No more than 0.5 dB
In fiber welding points
0.1 dB when measured on two sides
Return loss
Within the ODF panel joints Not less than 50 dB
The time of damage reaction 1 h.
Maximum service recovery period 10 h.
Routine network maintenance duration Up to 6 hours per month