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Estimated PRIP Development

Public consultation on broadband infrastructure development
In order to contribute to the Development of the Lithuanian Information Society, foreseen in the 2014-2020 program of the "Republic of Lithuania Digital Agenda" and the EU and national strategic documents set for broadband development goals and objectives, as well as to create conditions ensuring 30 Mbps and higher bandwidth availability for all Lithuanian households by 2020, it is planned to implement the project "Support for broadband infrastructure (Phase II)" (hereinafter - the project PRIP-2). During the implementation of project PRIP the broadband network infrastructure will be extended by about 340 kilometers of broadband lines, access terminal units and other equipment needed to reach about 400 objects in the agricultural sector.
PRIP-2 broadband infrastructure will provide open wholesale access for e. networking operators, who will be able to connect their network infrastructure (i.e. "last mile" of the network segment) and provide a new generation of access communication services to end-users. The infrastructure created by implementing this business area will encourage e. networking operators to invest in the "last mile" areas, which have been economically unattractive before the implementation of the project.
Facilities will be created where they do not exist or were there are no plans to create them in the near future. The list of future settlement and object connections is presented here.
By connecting additional objects to broadband networks, network operators will be able to connect their existing infrastructure or to create new a new one and provide broadband services in rural areas. Public Institution “Plačiajuostis internetas” will provide wholesale broadband services to network operators, which, in turn, will provide broadband services to end users. Public Institution “Plačiajuostis internetas” will not provide broadband services to end users. Services are provided in accordance to the rates set by the Minister of Transport and Communications.