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About us

 Our activities
Public institution “Plačiajuostis internetas” is a non-profit organization that has been formed on 29 of September, 2005, in accordance to order No. 3-415 of the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Lithuania. The institution has been registered in the Register of Legal Entities on the 5 of October, 2005. The Articles of Association can be found here.
The institution does not engage in drafting activities of laws and other legal regulations.
Our vision
To become the best partner for the operators of electronic communication services providing broadband services in rural areas of the country.
Our mission
To provide public access to modern information technology achievements, thus reducing the digital divide.
To be a reliable information and communications technology partner for our customers.
To create added value by efficiently using the assets of the state and, together with the stakeholders, take part in the implementation of information society policy development in Lithuania.
To create an environment where highly skilled workers, looking to achieve mutual results, are educated.
Our values
Responsibility, professionalism, innovation, cooperation.

Strategic activities and areas

1. We provide high quality wholesale broadband services:
  • We will offer wholesale electronic communications services using the infrastructure developed during the implementation of RAIN, RAIN-2, and PRIP projects;
  • we will develop and implement technical and organizational measures to ensure the proper availability of the services.
2. We will create a modern, future-oriented infrastructure of electronic communications:
  • we will participate in developing modern, future-oriented projects, creating the infrastructure of electronic communications (the project "New generation access infrastructure (hereinafter - the NKP project), the project "Sea Lion", project "Support for broadband infrastructure (Phase II)" (hereinafter - PRIP -2 project));
  • we will control the infrastructure design, construction and installation work, combine technical solutions and projects; we will control the installation of network facilities, ensure functionality, combine technical solutions and projects; we will implement organizational and legal measures to ensure the implementation of projects NKP, Sea Lion, and PRIP-2. 

The only stakeholder (owner) of this institution is the State, rights and obligations of which are fulfilled by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter - the MTC).
The functions of the MTC:
  • appoints and dismisses the manager of the institution;
  • approves the annual financial statements;
  • determines the information, about the activities of the institution, that is presented to the public;
  • approves the structure and staff list of the institution;
  • decides on the audit of the institution and selects the audit company;
  • performs other office management functions;
  • approves the strategic action plan and key financial indicators of the public institution “Plačiajuostis internetas”.
Financial audit of the activities of the institution is carried out every year.

Executive agenda